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Political science

One amongst the many problems that beset the Indians was the analysis
of politics. The failure to be original in this direction was in part
responsible for the Indians to rejuvenate during their civilizational
clash with Islam and Christianity. A proper political science that
could provide a basis for action against these vicious monotheistic
ideologies is not in place even after we have won a temporary victory
against them. So it is very important that we load cannons suitably
before we resume our life and death struggle against the enemies of
our civilization. It is much harder now for us than any time in the
past as we have descended to a lower military status and to enact a
good politics military might is the first requirement.

We have had a variety of models from the past to study that may be
worth discussing: The vedic kingship with the yaga as a means of
conflict reduction. A brilliant solution in an Aryan+Aryanized
society. Still it was not a foolproof method as Magadhan imperialism
was challenge it failed to overcome. Perhaps the very development of
KR^ishna’s political carrier was an attempt to restore the old Vedic
system against the Magadhan imperialism which through a series of
events culminated in the bhArata war. However, its effects were only
to delay the ultimate rise of Magadha.

Magadha’s rise was probably back by its band of political theorists
with the kuTa nIti as its basis. But parallel to kuTa nIti was an
offshoot of the vedic system- the janapada system or Indian democracy.
This system while appealing to the modern tastes was not
really useful as a defense model for society at large plagued
by invaders from the West and Central Asia. Parallely in the South one
can see what may be termed the Tamil model or puranAnuru model. In
this model tried to reinstate the original vedic model with greater
emphasis on real life claiming conflicts as well as the more violent
equivalents of the gavishThi.

The imperialist and democratic models were combined excellently by
RajaRaja and Rajendra of the Chola expansion period.

But an important point to note is that Indian Imperialism and
Democracy is an indegenous product. It is not as the Western scholars
would like us to believe: A product of inspiration from Alexander or
Darius or some Magna Carta drawn by by some semi-civilized blokes.
This I would rate as one of the most important tactic of the Western
ideologists, more than the Aryan invasion debates, to keep the Indians
as a suppressed lot. Our Indian peaceniks who oppose our N-Bomb and
commit other traitorous acts bite this misrepresentation of the
origins of Indian imperialism/democracy hook-line and sinker. We must
destroy them first before taking on other external enemies. Real
political science must be taught to our people rather than that
worthless civics that we learnt in school. Currently Political science
is largely the forte of some paan chewing goondas rather than erudite

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