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On Vedic Astrology and Abhijit

<<Will the Vedic Astrologers explain what happened to Abhijit?>>

While I am no vedic astrologer, I was tempted to state something here:
abhijit’s disappearance is apparently not due to the yavana influence
on Hindu astrology. It has something to do with the timing of the
some of the most ancient sacrificial rituals when the sacrificial
session was initiated with punarvasu.
The most ancient form of the yearly sattra had the viShuvAn day
falling after a set of 3*6 day rites called the abhiplava ShaLaha and
1*6 day rite called the pR^iShThya ShaLaha were completed.
Immediately after this is the abhijit day, followed by 3 svarasAman
days. With no bright star near the ecliptic to mark the viShuvAn and
an indication was needed to know the exact position of the viShuvAn
day. Here is where the abhijit day was important because the viShuvAn
point lay 4-5 degrees away from abhijit. thus the abhijit+3
svarasAman days accounted for the movement of the sun by the required
amount to reach the viShuvAn point on the ecliptic. As precession
pushed the viShuvAn far away from the abhijit it lost its practical
importance and probably favored its loss.

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